Urban Landscapes

What do you see when you walk through the city? Do you notice the small flower growing out of the crack in the sidewalk; the light flickering through the leaves of the trees overhead; the way the petals of the flower in the garden over there glow as the sun shines through them? These wonderful sights surround us, but do we see them?

Our day to day lives in the city are so hectic, so busy, we rush about not paying attention or noticing the small beauties around us. Our urban jungle isn’t all concrete and glass towers. It’s also filled with nature, from the calm oasis of the little park, hidden amongst the office towers to the gardens in front of the apartment buildings and the trees lining the sidewalks of every street.

I can’t help but look around me in wonder every time I take a walk, anywhere in the city. I am compelled to try to capture and share the amazing and beautiful things I see, to show others these small vignettes of the urban landscape.

Gallery 1 : Quiet Moments
Gallery 2: Energy and Light

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